The Boundary Expert

If you find yourself in a situation where greater knowledge and understanding will help you to make an informed decision with respect to a legal boundary, a right of way or a flooding issue, we can provide impartial and un-biased expert guidance with respect to the issues that are causing you concern.

Who We Are

Gary Vaughan is one of the founding Directors of Dorset Land Surveying and has been involved in the resolution of boundary disputes for over 35 years.

Through his training as a civil engineer, he has established a wealth of experience in a wide variety of subjects that enable him to provide invaluable insight into the particular aspects of a large number of potential problems. Gary has become a well-known and respected authority in the fields of Boundary Demarcation, Rights of Way, Highway,  Drainage and Flooding disputes.

He is now the first choice ‘go-to expert’ of many legal practitioners, local architects and estate agents when it comes to the matter of uncertainty over the position of legal boundaries and other potential dispute matters.

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Why Choose The Boundary Expert

There are many reasons why you should choose us as your expert for any boundary services, but here are just a few reasons that might help you make your decision.

Our Services
We Are The ‘Go-To’ Resource For An Ever-Increasing List Of Legal Practitioners Who Work In The Field Of Civil Litigation Involving Land And Property.
We Have A Documented Track Record Of Providing The ‘Preferred Expert Evidence’ In Past Cases In The County Courts And Land Tribunals.
We Have Over 35 Years
The Techniques Used And The Accuracy Achieved Surpasses Those Of Our Competitors.
Our Range Of Expertise Exceeds Most Other Experts Which In Turn Reduces The Need To Appoint Multiple Experts In Related Fields.
We Have The Ability To Explain Matters In Clear, Concise And Easily Understandable Terms. We Will Not Baffle You With Science.
We Listen Carefully To What You And Others Have To Say.
We Pride Ourselves On The Quality Of The Expert Opinion Provided.

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With various clients' problems in the past you can see how The Boundary Expert has helped them resolve issues in the best way possible.

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