Gary Vaughan

For the past thirty-five years or more, I have applied myself to exceeding the expectations of those who instruct me.  I have trained and practised extensively as an expert witness and have now established an unrivalled reputation as an Expert Surveyor.  I am in fact a Civil Engineer by education but have chosen to take my Civil Engineering skills into the field of the Expert Witness Surveyor.

I continue to learn and study techniques and practices and have discovered that my work has kindled a fascination with historical documents that I was unaware of in my school years.  I can follow and understand complicated matters and to spot evidence that has been overlooked by others.  Increasingly I am being asked to opine on matters further and further from the rolling hills of Dorset where I am based.

It may come as little surprise that a professional who has provided ‘opinion’ for over thirty-five years has accumulated a vast experience of matters over a wide range of circumstances and topics.  I am passionate about providing the very best opinion that I can and ensuring that the opinion which I provide is entirely my own impartial and unbiased opinion. 

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