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Gary Vaughan has been involved in the production of Expert Surveys for over 35 years. Through his training as a civil engineer and forty-three years of professional practice, he has established a wealth of experience over a wide range of disciplines which uniquely enables him to provide invaluable insight to those commissioning his services. Gary has become a well-known and respected authority in the fields of Boundary Demarcation, Drainage and Flooding, Rights of Way, and Extent of Highway matters. Gary is the first choice – ‘go-to resource’ of many legal practitioners, local architects and estate agents when it comes to the matter of uncertainty over the position of a legal boundary, the source of flooding or Rights of Way matters.

Boundary Demarcation

Boundary Demarcation is a complicated area which requires specific skills and abilities that many non-specialist surveyors do not possess. All too often, general practice surveyors lack the requisite skills to map land or they become overly focused on mapping sources which lack relevance or the accuracy to resolve the dispute in question. Limited understanding of boundary matters by surveyors un-versed in Boundary Demarcation quite often leads to a situation where the result put forward is clearly wrong leading to wasted time, wasted costs and a significant amount of stress for both parties.

If you are unfortunate enough to find yourself in the situation of falling out with your neighbour over the position of the legal boundary you will need sound, well-thought-out, professional impartial advice on the simplest, cheapest and most effective route to resolve your problem.

Just one call to Gary might be enough to put your mind at rest and speed up the process of resolving your boundary dispute.

Drainage and Flooding Matters

Flooding problems are unfortunately becoming more commonplace in this day and age.  The causes of flooding however may not be immediately obvious to the layperson or indeed the general practice surveyor. Gary has over 43 years of experience in drainage and flooding matters which provides him with the ability to get to the root cause of drainage problems. His ability to undertake Expert Surveys in difficult areas is virtually unmatched by other experts working in this field which traditionally take a more desktop study approach. Access to data with regard to levels and gradients is however often critical to establishing the mechanisms at work. Gary regularly acts as a consultant in the design of new works and the calculation of flooding impact on the local amenity. 

Highways and Rights of Way

As a civil engineer, Gary is uniquely placed amongst land surveyors when it comes to producing Expert Highway Surveys.

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