Date: Aug 2018
Client Name: Mr Grant Shortland

Dear Gary

Re: Land Dispute High St, Wincanton

I wanted to write a letter sharing my sincere thanks for your efforts and your expertise.

I cannot express the full extent and utter hopelessness we felt prior to you viewing the land and the associated documents. In short we had been badly and wrongly beaten up and were now on the ropes! As you know the police, Land Registry, local council, even a firm of solicitors could not seem to stop our neighbour’s advances to take away our right of access partly by relocation of the boundary.  Many of the organisations dismissed any attempt by us to reveal the documentation in favour of our neighbour’s accusations gossip and blatant lies.

For me the pivotal point in this dispute was my meeting with yourself and the subsequent advice you gave me and work you did on my behalf. This put us on a path which culminated not only in a substantial victory at court but also apologies from the police.

I sometimes shudder at the thought as to what would have happened if I had called upon another less able land surveyor or even worse if I had not bothered at all!   Fortunately we did meet and our reality is now a happy one. Our new neighbours are in no doubt about the right of way we have and as such harmony prevails in our jointly used area.

Probably the best way I can relay my gratitude for your professionalism is to say this – I rarely give out recommendations and even then a little reluctantly. However, should anyone I know have the need for a land surveyor I would not only recommend you I would be insistent that they contact you!

Many thanks, Gary

Grant Shortland

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