Date: Mar 2008
Client Name: Mr R J Knight

Dear Jacobs & Reeve

Following the trial and Appeal Hearing I would like to make a few comments about the team.  Any complimentary remarks are not made as a result of winning, most were conveyed in a telephone conversation to Mr Dutton prior to receiving Judgement.

The word expert is used very casually today, Gary Vaughan is a true expert.  We had a choice of two local firms specialising in boundary disputes.   XXXX Ltd., advertises himself as the best in the area.  Self praise is no recommendation, so we chose Gary.  Gary acted as a professional all the way through to trial.  His report was accurate, unbiased, prepared as a neutral for the Court.

XXX’s report acting for the other side was unbelievably poor.  It relied to a great extent on what the Clients had told them.  The mistakes in this report were glaringly obvious.  One measuring point had to be disproved, not easy.  Gary did not switch off at five o’clock, the next morning at Court, he came in with all the answers.

To see him working with Mr Weddell on the third day at Court filled us both with admiration and confidence.

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