Client Name: Alistair

Hi Gary.

Many thanks indeed for getting this done, It really is much appreciated.

I hope you can see from the report that the judge really did favour your evidence over that of Mr XXX. I think we have a very polite and cautious judge who was never going to be anything other than circumspect, but reading between the lines I believe it was the professionalism with which you presented yourself, as well as the arguments presented which resulted in the decisions made and I am grateful for this. We have from the start tried to present ourselves in the same way and much as it has been trying on occasions, I believe this is always correct.

This said, I am hopeful that as a result of the comments on the final few pages of the signed judgement, which were not on the draft, addressing the note from the opposing barrister, permission to appeal will be refused and we might be able to move towards the end of a saga that has been going on for 5 years now.

Once again my thanks for your help in relation to this rather unpleasant case and, realising I have not previously said it, a very late, Happy New Year to you.

Kind regards


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